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Tips for Writing : Organizational Tips To Improve Your Writing

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Writing is a great creative outlet. Writing your thoughts down whether you are writing down your thoughts and feelings or you are writing to create something such as a book, it is always important to make sure that you have some kind of organizational flow so when you go back and read them later you are not trying to decipher what you were trying to mean.


If you are writing something that you want to have substance that you are potentially thinking about publishing later, or maybe even a blog that you are planning to post, deadlines are your friend. When you give yourself a deadline it helps you to realize that you have a set time that you need to get this done by so you can create a schedule for when you need to complete things by whether it is starting with an organizational session where you list out your thoughts and then create bullet points to those thoughts or if you work more in a first draft/second draft style. Deadlines will help you to stay organized and on task so that you do not fall behind.

Writing Style

What is your writing style? Do you know if you have one? You can start to find out by figuring out what you like to write. If you feel you write better based on experience, pick topics that have substantial meaning to you and write based off of that. If you are writing something such as fiction and you are trying to create character profiles, you can use people in your life that you can base the character around. Don’t be afraid to compile characteristics from multiple sources to create a character. If you are writing something that is based more around non-fiction, do you research to help you find out factual information about the subject in which you choose to write about?

What Makes You Unique as a Writer?

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Do you feel like you have a good knowledge of wording and vocabulary that can invoke thought? When writing you want to find ways to set yourself apart from those that may have written on the same topic that you are writing about. You need to find something that makes your writing stand out and will make readers want to find out more and keep turning or clicking through the page.

Be Yourself

While you want others to potentially read what you are working on, it is important that you stay true to your values and what you are comfortable writing about. You should write about things that you have a passion for because it will ultimately help you become a better writer and often readers can feel that passion in the wording that you choose. Why should a reader feel passionate about something that the writer is not passionate about? Be yourself and the writing should come naturally to yourself.

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